Pure Emu Oil Bottle 250ml 1 item

Pure Emu Oil Bottle 250ml 1 item


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PURE EMU OIL BOTTLE 250ML This Emu Oil is 100% pure and 100% natural with no added anything. The benefits of Pure Emu Oil are largely due to its potent anti inflammatory properties and superior penetration. This means that the emu oil can penetrate deeply into your body and in fact go through the outer layer of watertight skin (stratum corneum barrier). Pure Emu Oil is a natural source of Omega 3 6 and 9 and essential fatty acids that are not produced by the human body. Our bodies simply cannot make them but they are necessary for good health and well-being. What Are The Benefits of Pure Emu Oil? Provide relief from the various forms of arthritis Provide relief from joint pain muscular aches bruising sprains and strains Reduce irritation and inflammation caused by skin disorders like eczema dermatitis psoriasis nappy rash and cradle cap Reduce itching and pain associated with insect bites Reduce pain and scarring caused by burns Assist with hair regrowth and reduction of grey hairs High in vitamins A D E and F A highly effective moisturiser that can reduce the visible signs of wrinkles A moisturising eye make-up remover without irritation PACKAGE CONTENT 1 x Pure Emu Oil Bottle 250Ml

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