Agro Master 400w Hps Lamp High pressure Sodium Lamp for Plant Growth

Agro Master 400w Hps Lamp   High pressure Sodium Lamp for Plant Growth


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Agro Master 400w HPS Lamp

The Argo Master 400W HPS (high pressure sodium) grow lamp is a premium lighting solution for indoor plant cultivation suitable for both hobbyists and professional growers. Specifically designed to provide the optimal spectrum and intensity of light for plant growth and flowering this lamp is highly effective in promoting healthy plant development.

With a power consumption of 400 watts and a color temperature of 2100K the Argo Master 400W HPS lamp is ideal for enhancing flowering and fruiting in plants. It delivers a high PAR output which means it emits a significant amount of usable light energy that plants can utilize for photosynthesis.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced color quality to promote plant growth
  • High luminous efficiency for maximum energy savings
  • Provides a natural sunlight alternative for indoor cultivation
  • Long service life for extended use
  • Optimum power consumption for efficient operation


  • New technology for improved performance
  • 55000 lumens for high light output
  • T46 glass shape for durability
  • 2100K color temperature for optimal flowering and fruiting
  • 400W power consumption for efficient energy usage

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