Am/fm Mantle Radio

Am/fm Mantle Radio
Am/fm Mantle Radio


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Experience the nostalgia with a modern take on an old classic.

Some of our dearest memories are by the kitchen or in the bedroom waiting for our favourite song to play so we could dance around for hours making a night alone or a night by the stove a sonic getaway.

With a classic black frame a retro style station scanner and a huge bandwidth of 540 1600 you can take it back to simpler times with the turn of a dial. Simply plug your radio in or take it on the go with a set of batteries he choice is yours and the opportunities are endless with this compact music system.

Take your radio further with its entirely portable size and easy to use carry handle. Enjoy the simple pleasures of a picnic or family BBQ by the radio's mix of today's current hits.

Re simplify with the sleek and light AM/FM Mantle Radio.

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